Tito on Deportation of the Governor of Papua from PNG: It’s a shame

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian confirmed the actions of the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe traveling to Papua New Guinea (PNG) without permission is still considered wrong even for medical purposes.

“What the governor of Papua did was wrong and not right even though the reason was for treatment,” said Tito Karnavian, Monday (5/4). Among.

Tito said, Lukas Enembe had called upon his return from PNG and told him the reason for seeking treatment. However, I stated that what was done was wrong, because it was not according to the procedure.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs has never prohibited regional heads from seeking treatment, including if the goal is to seek treatment abroad, but it must comply with the procedure, namely asking permission to the Ministry of Home Affairs,” he said.

Tito said that if it was urgent, the Governor of Enembe should have called to inform him, which was followed by an official letter.

“Later I will ask why Governor Enembe went illegally at the meeting because it is very embarrassing,” said Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian.

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe, Wednesday (31/3) entered PNG via a footpath using a motorcycle taxi to Wutung, a village bordering Skouw, Jayapura.

The PNG government deported Governor Enembe with two of his followers so that the Indonesian Consulate in Vanimo issued a replacement letter like a passport (SPLP) and was sent home via PLBN Skouw, Friday (3/4).


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