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Blitar Woman Turns Pineapple Business into Billion-Dollar Success Story


Pineapples are one of the most popular fruits because of their fresh taste. The superiority of this fruit succeeded in making a woman from Blitar named Azizah reap billions in profits.

Azizah has succeeded in processing pineapple into a fresh drink which brings in billions in turnover. In the city of Blitar, which is one of the largest pineapple producing centers in East Java, he runs a pineapple drink business after moving from his previous business.

This woman said she had run a business in the mining sector. However, according to Azizah, he did not get any blessings from this business and chose to change gears to become a pineapple drink entrepreneur.

“We used to mine sand. Well, none of the mining was legal, everything was illegal. So maybe that’s not a blessing,” said Azizah, quoted from the YouTube channel. TRANS7 OFFICIAL.

After retiring from working as an illegal miner, Azizah was trapped in debt amounting to billions of rupiah. He also tried to pay off his debt by becoming a pineapple farmer. At that time, he worked on his in-laws’ land.

“I joined my in-laws to become a pineapple farmer, then turned into a pineapple drink entrepreneur,” said Azizah.

Azizah said that she often made pineapple drink as medicine for her in-laws who suffer from high cholesterol and gout. One day, his in-laws asked him to make a pineapple drink product that was practical and could be consumed straight away.

“My initial idea was for a drink. My in-laws often drink boiled pineapple water because it can reduce uric acid and cholesterol. Actually, it’s used as medicine,” said Azizah.

“Mother (asked) to make a drink that you can drink straight away so that if your feet hurt you don’t have to boil it,” he continued.

Azizah started her business in the kitchen. Armed with simple equipment, he made bottled pineapple drinks which he sold to his friends.

“I started in the kitchen, not a semi-automatic manufacturer. I am packing I also use a sealer that makes iced juice on the side of the road. But because sales were good, we bought a machine fillng cup that,” he recalled.

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