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Bite Treatment and Prevention: A Practical Guide for Cat and Dog Owners


Modern people are very caring, and many people raise cats and dogs. In the process of raising animals, they will inevitably be bitten by cats and dogs. Because there are not many people who are bitten and end up in emergency rooms, so even if I write an article about wound treatment, Share it with everyone.

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Bite treatment

If you are bitten by a cat or dog, in fact, I usually recommend that you go to the emergency room for treatment as soon as you are bitten. There are a few things you must know.

1. Wound treatment

First of all, after being bitten, you must first confirm the depth of your wound, because you have predicted that the laceration of the bite will be very deep, and the bleeding will not stop and you will be sent to the emergency department, but there is no tool to stop the bleeding.I would first suggest that if there is no gauze at home or outdoors, use a lot of toilet paper to apply pressure on the wound.at least this is the best way not to let the wound continue to bleed.Never use some tobacco or medicinal powder on itbecause those powders attached to the wound are very difficult to rinse and clean in the emergency room.

If the wound is a laceration caused by a bite, the doctor will usually assess the size of the wound and whether it should be sutured with medicine. In principle, most doctors will tell you not to suture the wound if they think it is not serious, and just change the dressing on the wound. The reason is that cats and dogs’ teeth They are mostly omnivorous, so their teeth are really dirty, and there may be a certain risk of infection due to sutures.

2. Tetanus vaccine

Usually, if a cat or dog bites the bite, the doctor will evaluate whether a tetanus vaccine is needed to prevent wound infection.

The tetanus vaccine is effective for 5 years. In theory, there is no need for additional doses within 5 years after vaccination.because it still has protective power, I usually advise people to wait and record the time of injection, so that they can avoid receiving at least one shot.

If you don’t want to get more injections, please take notes yourself. Health insurance cards are not everything.

Why do people need to record their own injection time? BecauseThe cloud medicine record on the health insurance card can only save the use of medicines seen within six months.and if you are a patient who often sees doctors everywhere (there are many such patients in Taiwan, they are called medical consumption patients), the cloud data will display a lot of drug information.Emergency doctors usually won’t help you get the medicines you need for consultation within six months because you are a patient. Emergency medicine is an emergency treatment. You can’t spend a lot of time on such a very small thing. In the worst case, you will have to re-administer a painful injection.

We have been seeing doctors here before. Can’t we check on the computer?

As for many people who will say: I have been treated in your hospital before, I am serious~ Unless the medical system of this hospital is very good, do you think the emergency department is free enough to help you get the data within 5 years?

In short, if you forget, the emergency room will theoretically give you an injection to prevent wound infection.Taking more shots does not increase protection, there is absolutely no concept of the more the better. Moreover, a very, very small number of patients who receive the injection will be allergic (the probability is very, very low)

3. Rabies vaccine

Do I need a rabies vaccine if bitten by a dog?

The answer is no. If you are worried, you can still ask a doctor for evaluation, because basically most of the dogs that can cause rabies are extinct. In principle, hospitals mainly provide tetanus vaccine.Rabies vaccine is not available in every hospital, and being bitten by cats and dogs is a common occurrence in emergency department, so this means that rabies vaccine is not so important to a hospital.and tetanus vaccine is a universal vaccine that can be administered in almost every hospital

In principle, it is almost unnecessary to get a rabies vaccine if you are bitten by a dog. However, if you are bitten by a civet (civet), ferret, badger, etc., you need to ask a doctor to evaluate whether to vaccinate. The sooner the better, the better.

in conclusion

It is normal for modern people to be bitten by cats and dogs, so after being bitten, the only things that can be dealt with are dressing the wound, giving vaccinations, and preventing wound infection. The teeth of cats and dogs are not clean, so once bitten, it is necessary to Treat it immediately without any thought of procrastination. I have seen wounds that were treated the next day and the surrounding area became red and infected. This can easily lead to cellulitis and the chance of clearing the sore. Wound treatment is very important. Don’t ignore it, do you understand?

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