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Bishop robbed at gunpoint during live-streamed sermon | Abroad

This is what the bishop in question, Lamor Whitehead, tells in an interview with CBS New York. He had been preaching for about five minutes when suddenly the door at the back of the room opened and the robbers entered.

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The images show how the robbers in black balaclavas walk up the stage. “I was held at gunpoint and had to sit. Then they held my wife and baby, who were also in the room, at gunpoint. We had to take off our jewelry and give it to them.” The total value of the stolen jewelry is $400,000.

According to the bishop, what you do not see in the images is the crowded hall. “More than 100 people were in the room. They all fell silently to the ground.” Whitehead fears they have been traumatized for a long time.

After stealing the jewelry, the robbers left again. Police are investigating the burte robbery.

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