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Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented a discussion between the artist Fahd Al-Hayyan and the veiled Mashael Al-Tuwairqi, and he asked her to tie her tongue.

During the video, the artist Fahd Al-Hayyan was heard directing his speech to Mashael Al-Tuwairqi, saying: “My sister, I have a note on you, tie your tongue a little.” Mashael replied, saying: “Everyone has notes.

Al-Hayyan resumed the conversation, saying: “Tie me a little.. People are alienated from you.” And Mashael said: “I want them to alienate, I want them to alienate, but there is no use in sticking to me. I have no income.”

Al Hayyan continued: “Tie your throat.” Mashael replied: “I don’t tie it to tie their throats.

Al-Hayyan continued: “My sister, Mashael, I have been famous for how many years.” Mashael replied: “By God, I have nothing to do with it, nor do I say something. I want to drink my coffee. I did not drink it today.” And she continued, saying: “They tell you to stop.. whip her,” referring to the comments of the followers during the live broadcast.

Al-Hayyan added: “You are the daughter of Ajaweed.” Mashael replied: “I am free, they are mad.”

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