Billionaire who wanted to die broke is now broke (and not dead yet)

Feeney, who grew up in a humble family, learned from his mother that sharing was the best recipe for happiness. That is why, since the 1980s, he has been giving money to a variety of causes such as the fight against racism, drug development and poverty. He also invested worldwide in education, technology, political campaigns, social causes, peace processes and human rights.

His charity, the Atlantic Philantropies, employed more than 300 employees in ten offices around the world.

Role model

“I see little reason to delay giving when so much good can be achieved by supporting charities. Plus, it’s much more fun to give while you’re alive than to give while you’re dead,” Feeney said. Forbes.

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, both billionaire and philanthropists, say Feeney inspired them to give away money, calling him “their hero and role model.”


Feeney does not have to spend his last days of life in poverty. He still has a savings bank of about $ 2 million in retirement money in reserve, although he is known for not spending a lot of money on himself. He lives in a simple apartment and always flies economy class.

“We learned a lot. We would do some things differently, but I am very satisfied. It feels very good to finish this,” said Feeney. “I would like to thank everyone who came with us on this journey. And for those who are wondering if you should give while alive, try it, you will like it.”

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