Bill for residents with “green cards” to vote in New York passes last legislative process – Telemundo New York (47)

NEW YORK – The bill that would grant the right to vote in New York City elections to holders of a residence card (“green card”) or work permits passed its last legislative process, which will allow be voted on on December 9.

The Municipal Voting Right Bill, authored by councilor Ydanis Rodríguez, achieved the consensus of the municipal council, the mayor’s office and the Immigrant Coalition, which has defended the bill, explained the councilor, who was also holder of the “green card” before obtaining their citizenship.

It is estimated that the approval of this project, something that has been tried for years in the city, would benefit more than 800,000 immigrants, a large number of Latinos, who will be able to participate in the electoral process of the largest city in the country.

If passed, New York would join twelve municipalities across the country that already allow permanent residents to vote in certain types of municipal elections.

Rodríguez recalled that during the height of the pandemic, it was New York immigrants who kept the city running when everyone else was working from home.

New York immigrants raise their children in our schools, buy and own local businesses, drive our streets and serve as essential workers. They deserve to have a voice in local elections,” he said.

The councilor assured that on December 9 “the New York City Council will make history.”



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