BIGBANG TOP Joins Japan’s Billion Dollar Space Project and Will Fly Around the Moon in 6 Days Next Year_Moon_Go to_Moon

Original title: BIGBANG TOP member joins Japan’s billion-dollar space project and will fly around the moon in 6 days next year

Sohu Entertainment News On December 9, the BIGBANG TOP member said that he would participate in the project of Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and go to space on a spaceship of the Musk company.

Yusaku Maezawa plans to invite 8 artists from all over the world to go to the moon on Musk’s SpaceX spacecraft at his own expense in 2023. TOP, a member of BIGBANG who has been friends with Yusaku Maezawa for many years, recently received this project called the “Dear Moon” Invitation to the Lunar Exploration Program.

TOP said, “It is a great honor to be selected as a team member of the Dear Moon project. I have had great fantasies about the universe and the moon since I was a child. I look forward to achieving personal growth through this project and experience new stimulation and understanding. I am not afraid to go to the moon at all. I am very proud and responsible to represent South Korea for the first time on the moon. I hope this project can bring inspiration to the world and bring hope to more people. I want to that everyone feels that as long as you have a dream, no matter what the dream is, you can achieve it.” spacecraft with him on a space trip around the moon next year.Come back to Sohu to see more


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