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BGN 1283 is paid by the state to one worker under the 60/40 scheme

BGN 923 million paid so far, 1/3 of the aid is for factories

12,000 companies helped retain 278,500 workers

Every second company used the scheme between 5 months and a year

12,400 companies have asked for help from the state in order not to fire people in the crisis. The reserved jobs are 278,500, according to data from the National Social Security Institute. And the average amount of aid per worker is BGN 1,283.

This measure has been used by both small companies and sole traders, as well as larger companies that are part of international groups.

At the end of last year, the state had paid about BGN 649 million at 60/40. Since the beginning of the year, more than BGN 290 million have been paid to employers under the measure in order to keep their employees, as only

in the first


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BGN 68 million

More than BGN 390 million of the aid was received by the enterprises from the processing industry. This is about 1/3 of the money for the measure. In this sector are preserved the most jobs – 117 thousand. In second place is one of the most affected sectors – “Hotels and restaurants”, where about 124 million levs were paid for the salaries of 54 thousand people. BGN 107 million were transferred to the employers from the trade, which led to the retention of about 34 thousand employees. The enterprises from the mining industry received BGN 75 million, and the transport – BGN 81 million for nearly 27 thousand workers.

Over 46% of employers have used the assistance between 5 months and one year. 16% of the companies were paid compensations for 4 months, and one fifth were compensated for one quarter.

Of the employers who received support, most are in Sofia – 4088. It is followed by Plovdiv with 1046 supported companies, Varna with 897 and Burgas with 840. (See the map for how much money was paid by district.)

Under the first version of the measure, which was introduced with the start of the pandemic last year, the funds paid by the state for salaries and social security averaged BGN 1,083 per worker. In the second option, which came into force on July 3, the amount is already BGN 1,283 as of September 29. In March 2020, 84% of employees received up to BGN 400, while in August they were only 12%. With the coming of summer

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Thus, in August, 37% had already taken between BGN 400 and 600.

The 60/40 measure was officially extended until the end of May in its current version. The change in the new decree is that the companies will declare a decrease in sales by 20% from the previous month compared to the average revenues for 2019. Before that it was compared to the same period of the previous year.

However, employers and trade unions hoped that anti-crisis measures would be regulated by April, and that aid would be more concentrated in the most affected sectors. The state, however

leave this

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By the end of May, another measure to keep workers will be a fact – 80/20. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 1422 companies from the most affected sectors have benefited from it – Hotel and Restaurant Management, Transport and Tourism. They received BGN 145.6 million for 30,000 people.

Aid for businesses completely closed by lockdown continues. They receive 75% of their insurance income. It is estimated that another 33,000 workers will benefit. Until

48,000 people c

unpaid leave

have received

BGN 44.2 million

An additional BGN 52 million was given to pay the assistance for families with children under 14 to look after them, because schools, nurseries and kindergartens are closed. Thus, the total amount under this measure became BGN 73 million. The benefit is paid proportionally for the days of unpaid leave, as the amount for one month is BGN 650 for families with one child and BGN 975 for two or more. The measure has an income criterion that has been increased to 150% of the minimum wage. Last time, more than 40,000 families benefited from the support.

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