Beyond Lagging

All the omissions are quoted in the sculpture of a life that has been transcended in a simplicity. A very fast time is amazingly stepping up. Walking never stops. Time that rotates continuously.

More and more times that pass the many lags. Now the era has sown all the progress that exists. Progress that shot perfectly with all the beauty of life that has changed instantly. Changes that bring the mind to be flexible.

All the flexibility in reason that perches on the human mind. Reasons that are created perfectly without being scratched by tuna. Left behind is just an obsolete object.

The lag has been exceeded which is being eroded slowly. Gradually disappearing momentarily left behind. Which brings the retreat of human civilization with reason and power of thought.

Civilizations that seemed forced to step in place. There is no free space provided in channeling all the thoughts that are engraved in the head. It is as if being left behind makes an eternal cage in which progress is increasingly hindered.

The world will change with all the expanses of civilization that has bewitched all life. Like a great engineering in the world. Humans all over the world enjoy the progress of the age of the fruit of all brilliant thoughts.

Past thoughts that change all the order of life’s behavior with very great works. The masterpiece is so impressive in looking beyond the beauty of past thoughts. There are no more lags piled up at this time.



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