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Beyoncé’s mother responds to haters who accuse singer of ‘lightening’ her skin

Beyoncé and Tina Knowles. Credit: Reproduction

Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mother, took to social media this Tuesday, 28, to defend her daughter from attacks that the singer received after appearing in an outfit with silver hair. Haters accused the artist of trying to “lighten” her skin. In a post on Instagram, Tina wrote that the artist’s look was designed to celebrate the premiere of the film about the Renaissance tour, which has a silver aesthetic.

“I came across this today and decided to post this after seeing all the stupid, ignorant, hateful and racist statements about her ‘lightening’ her skin and wearing platinum hair and wanting to be white,” the artist’s mother wrote in the caption of the photo. Publication. Tina also shared a video with montages of the comments her daughter received and, subsequently, images of the artist to the sound of Brown Skin Girl, her partnership with SAINt JHN and WizKid.

At the end of the video, she wrote that “Beyoncé is the voice of dark-skinned women.” Tina stated that she felt sad when she realized that most of the hateful comments came from black people. She also said she was irritated to discover that a white reporter from the website TMZ contacted the artist’s hairdresser to talk about the matter.

“It made my blood boil, that a white woman felt so entitled to discuss her blackness. What’s even more disappointing is that some black people, yes, you idiots, [vieram até] social media”, she said. Tina highlighted that black women have been wearing silver hair since the days of Etta James.

“I just went and looked at all the beautiful, talented black celebrities who had platinum hair. […] Were they all trying to be white?”, he asked. Finally, the mother lamented the constant hateful comments that Beyoncé receives.

“I’m sick and tired of people attacking her. Every time she does something she’s worked hard for, it’s a statement of her work ethic, talent and resilience,” she continued, saying that her daughter suffers racist and sexist attacks perpetuated by haters. Tina said she knew the singer would be upset by the post, but clarified that she needed to write in her defense.

“I’m sick of you losers. I know she’s going to be upset that I’m doing this, but I’m done,” she declared. “This girl minds her own business. She helps other people whenever she can. She lifts up and promotes black and oppressed women at all times.”

Beyoncé announced the film date for her Renaissance tour in October. The film, which shows rehearsals and some recordings of shows made by the singer, premieres worldwide this Friday, the 1st.

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