between new measures and mini lockdowns




A surge in infections: between new measures and mini lockdowns

The surge in infections worries the government and the Regions. Committed to launching new measures at the national level and ordinances at the local level to try to stem the consistent growth of positives recorded in the country in recent days, the institutions are now having to face face to face what seemed unthinkable until a few weeks ago: according to the data provided by the Ministry of Health, in fact, in yesterday alone 4,458 new positives were recorded (on Wednesday there were 3,600) compared to 128,098 swabs carried out.

A situation particularly felt in Campania, that at the moment it is the Region with the highest increase in infections. 757 new cases registered only yesterday. For this reason the governor De Luca ran for cover: the president of the Region met with the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and with the Commissioner Domenico Arcuri to take stock of the epidemiological situation, asking the Civil Protection to make it available in the shortest time. possible rapid rates of volunteer medical and nursing staff.

And if the Lombardy is currently in second place for infections (683 positives in 24 hours), It is in the Lazio starting today a new and important containment measure: a ‘mini lockdown’ for the province of Latina. To sign it is the governor Luca Zingaretti. Effective from midnight with the publication in the Burl, it has a duration of two weeks: only 20 people for private parties and early closing at 24 for bars, pubs and restaurants, are just some of the new measures provided for by the ordinance.

Ma it is not only Italy that is worrying. The World Health Organization has indeed reported that in the last 24 hours yesterday they have been 338,779 cases of coronavirus confirmed worldwide. This is the largest daily increase in cases since the start of the pandemic. The surge in new cases is largely linked to the progress of the epidemic in Europe, where 96,996 new infections were recorded in one day. The cases confirmed globally, according to WHO data, are 36,002,827. The deaths in the last 24 hours were 5,514, for a total of 1,049,810.

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