Beta Finish and Sanda Dejus will host a new LTV show ‘What do you mean, Latvia?’

Latvian Television (LTV) will soon have a new show, which will be hosted by the influencer Beta Beidz or Beāte Bērziņa and comedian, radio personality Sanda Dejus.

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The application for the upcoming show has been announced (the questionnaire is being searched in the public media) until October 4 of this year.

Not only individual talents, but also families, friends and groups are invited to participate in the show.

The genre of talent is not limited – the creators of the show are waiting for singers and dancers, as well as trick masters, acting enthusiasts, handicraftsmen, craftsmen and other talents.

“Of course, singers and dancers, who are usually seen in talent shows, will also be welcome, but we hope that applications will be submitted by people whose talent and creativity are revealed in other genres as well,” says one of the hosts of the show, improvisation actress Sanda Dejus.

“In addition, it will be not only a talent show, but also a show about the people of Latvia. We have different interests, beliefs and everyday life, but we are united by life here and now – not only in Riga, but throughout Latvia. Therefore, we very much hope that namely, Latvia? “the participants will bring to the show both what we already know about ourselves as the people of Latvia and the different, new and unprecedented ones, so that the show will show how great and enthusiastic the Latvian society is,” Sanda hopes.

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