Benjamin Biolay announces more than 70 dates for his tour!

A few months ago, in the midst of deconfinement, while the French were gradually finding a normal rhythm of life, Benjamin Biolay honored us with his presence in the studios of our radio station. The opportunity for him to confide through various interviews and especially to interpret some of his new titles in the Lab of Virgin Radio. It must be said that since the release of Grand Prize, everything seems to succeed to the successful singer. Thanks to this rock album, driven by his passion for motorsport, Biolay is revealed much more than before. Worse, the one who dreamed of being a songwriter for others would never have sung as well as in this ninth album. An opinion visibly shared by the public which allows the opus to be certified gold disc. And the latter does not seem to have said his last word!

A few days ago, the artist announced all the dates of his tour across France. And the least we can say is that the interpreter of How is your grief? do not go with the back of the spoon. The latter will meet you in more than 70 cities in France from November 10 until October 2021. Annecy, Le Havre, Marseille, Grenoble, perpignan, Caen, Avignon, Dijon, Nice, Rennes or even Metz, impossible to miss this immense tour of Benjamin Biolay. If the health situation does not bode well for the future of artists, nothing has been officially announced for the moment. So you can get the tickets for the Grand Prix tour without any problem. For it, click here.

Interview with Benjamin Biolay for Virgin Radio


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