At Filipnch, a rooster killed a police officer, he invited a mue into an artery Svt

Manila A police officer who intervened in the Philippines during illegal cockfighting died of sweat after being injured by one of the fighters. The British news station BBC informs about it on its website on Wednesday.


The netst happened in the province of Severn Samar, when a rooster slashed the policeman in the thigh with a battle fixed on his heels. He hit his artery. Although the policeman was taken to the hospital, he was pronounced dead by the lkai when he arrived.

BBC uvdthat rooster returns were currently engaged during the covidu-19 pandemic. Before that, they were allowed to take place on Sundays, holidays and various local festivities in the arenas, which are necessarily allowed to do so.

The commander of the police in the province of Severn Samar said that his colleague had an inexplicable bad luck. He admitted that when he found out about the crash, he could not know that it was true. It is the first time in 25 years that a police officer said when we drank a hunter because of the spur of a warbler.

In connection with the crash, the police arrested the people and confiscated seven roosters, two sets of spurs and a financial amount.

Rooster breeds are very popular in the Philippines. The harsh breeze attracts crowds of people who are looking for the performance of individual birds.


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