Belarus. Prosecutor General: no participant in the protests will go unpunished

– All the guilty will be punished sooner or later – announced prosecutor Szwied, quoted by the BiełTA agency. – Not a single blogger, not a single person who has committed a crime not only in illegal activities, but also on the Internet, will not escape responsibility – he said.

As he pointed out, the public prosecutor’s office initiates additional measures to stabilize the situation in the country, the most important of which is “to ensure the inevitability of punishment for the organizers and participants of the protest, as well as reimbursement of material costs by the guilty.”

– As of today, a precise algorithm of cooperation (of various state institutions – PAP) has been established in order to determine the value of damages. The approach is one: you come in for an illegal action, you will pay a penalty. And a big one – announced Szwied.

The second direction, according to him, is drawing consequences towards underage parents, “drawn into illegal actions”. – Information about them is to be transferred to care institutions or prosecutors – he indicated.

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