Innovation campus in Offenbach: “It will be even better than the port”

When the keys were handed over at the beginning of July, the Clariant company transferred a 36-hectare site to the city of Offenbach. An opportunity for the city.

  • The former Allessa site in Offenbach will in future become industrial Estate developed.
  • After the flagship project on port should now also the new one industrial Estate become a success.
  • At the new commercial location in Offenbach public areas, green spaces and restaurants are to be created.

Offenbach – The symbolic act marked the end of 178 years of industrial history in Offenbach and was at the same time something like the official starting shot for the Innovationscampus Offenbach GmbH & Co. KG (INNO) located at the municipal utilities. It will develop and market the former industrial area in the east of Offenbach, which is considered the largest contiguous inner-city commercial area in the region, over the next 10 to 15 years.

Modern commercial location: After the port, an industrial park is also to be created in Offenbach.

“That gets even better than that port“Is itself INNO– Boss Daniela Matha with her own optimism. The pressure of expectation is likely to be immense. In contrast to the already successful conversion of the former, managed by the Stadtwerke subsidiary OPG Industriehafens in a new part of the city, which was also viewed with skepticism at the beginning, this time politicians are united behind the project, which is a unique opportunity for Offenbach is seen.

“We can build on the know-how that we have in the port have acquired ”, says Bozica Niermann, who, together with Matha and Stadtwerke manager Peter Walther, will steer the new company. However, it is now about a pure one industrial Estate, the tasks are not as diverse as in port.

The cornerstone of what the INNO In the end, it should be considered a success: “More jobs, more trade tax, placement than modern Commercial location“, Daniela Matha enumerates. When it comes to the question of which companies are necessary for this, there are only vague ideas: It is about companies that are active in design and research, according to Matha. But classic mechanical engineering, medium-sized companies and family businesses are also conceivable. Matha refers to a research project “Designpark Offenbach“, In which the University of Design and the city explore the possibilities.

According to a showcase project at the port: Offenbach is planning an industrial park with public areas and lots of green.

One thing is already certain: the fillet will not be industrial Estate off the shelf. There should be public areas, lots of green, restaurants and possibly exhibition concepts with the companies. Bozica Niermann describes the listed buildings on the site as a “challenge” in planning. The pellet factory of EVO as a large area that has already been used, be both a blessing and a curse. “We have to plan around that.”

Changes should be made to the Transport infrastructure enter: In the area of ​​Mühlheimer Straße / Untere Grenzstraße, one of the main entrances is being built, from there the area will extend to Main open to. At the same time, the Mainstrasse in front of Bürgel is to be cut and connected to the Mainzer Ring.

When considering the possibility of moving municipal facilities to the site, I deliberately give Daniela Matha a cautious approach. “It’s on the list of things we check. But it is questionable whether it makes sense, for example THAT to relocate there. It would be better to attract new companies. “

For the industrial park in Offenbach, a multi-million dollar contaminated site could be removed.

Marketing of the site is not expected to start for three to four years. Until then, the remediation of the soil and groundwater, their costs was priced into the purchase price of 6.95 million euros (around 20 euros for the square meter). “We have a good overview of where exactly the contaminated sites are,” assures Daniela Matha. She is keeping a low profile on the budget for the renovation. Given one Purchase pricewhich is far removed from the original Clariant conceptions and also from the usual market dimensions for Commercial areas in the region, one can assume that contaminated sites will be eliminated in the millions.

The cultural interim use in the west of the area (Friedhofstrasse) will initially be retained. Matha: “You have to see later whether it still fits.” INNO-Chefin praises the courage of the city to have taken the “handle of the action”. “Many municipalities hire external developers on such a scale.”By Matthias Dahmer)

More information can be found here.

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