Toothpastes potentially carcinogenic, only 3 out of 14 brands are saved. The test

Titanium dioxide (or dioxide) in toothpastes. A new analysis conducted in Switzerland confirms that too many tooth cleaning products still contain nanoparticles.

To lead the test on 14 toothpastes was K-Tipp magazine. The objective of the laboratories that analyzed the contents of the tubes was to verify the presence or absence of titanium dioxide nanoparticles, very small molecules but considered potentially dangerous as they could penetrate into the oral mucosa, reaching the intestine and other areas of the body causing inflammation or even tumors.

The manufacturers are confident of the safety of titanium dioxide in toothpastes which, they say, would not be dangerous to health as the small amounts contained in these products are easily washed off when brushing and rinsing the teeth. The European Food Safety Authority also agrees on this, according to which healthy people have nothing to fear even in case of ingestion of these dangerous molecules instead of inhalation (theEU classified titanium dioxide as “Probably carcinogenic” if inhaled).

On the other hand, however, the European Authority itself suggests that further studies are needed to confirm everything. The impact on the fertility and development of newborns is particularly worth investigating.

Going back to toothpastes, nanoparticles (less than 100 nanometers in size) are found in most of these products as titanium dioxide makes the paste whiter. It therefore has no useful purpose for brushing teeth, which makes its use absolutely avoidable, as a precaution.

Unfortunately, the test results showed that almost all toothpastes (11 out of 14) contain the nanoparticles. A previous analysis, conducted in France, had already shown more or less the same situation.

The results

As already mentioned, 11 out of 14 toothpastes were rejected as they contain titanium dioxide nanoparticles. The only toothpastes that have turned out to be completely free are:

  • Colgate Fresh Gel
  • Candida Fresh Gel
  • Meridol Balsam

© K-Tip

All the others, including the Elmex brand and the Nevadent sold by Lidl, contain titanium dioxide in nanoparticles.


© K-Tip

Since too little is known about the consequences of constantly using products that contain these molecules, we can protect ourselves by choosing “clean” toothpastes. Such as? Simply by reading the labels and verifying that, in the composition of the product, there is no “titanium dioxide” (titanium dioxide).

The magazine points out that children are especially in danger and their toothpastes should under no circumstances contain titanium dioxide.

Source: K tip

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