Belarus. Apple demands that Telegram shut down the opposition channels

Apple explains its decision to close Belarusian opposition channels by revealing the identity of collaborators Belarusian services can provoke violence. Belarusian on September 20 hackers exposed two lists with approx. 2,000 the names of the officers of the Ministry of the Interior, OMON and the militia who took part in the brutal pacification of the women’s march in Minsk and the protest in Brest.

As Durow explains, Telegram would like to maintain channels because they are one of the tools for communication between protesters. They provide information on the time and form of the protest on a given day, as well as on detentions. This is a key medium for ongoing protests – Telegram was also one of the few applications that worked despite internet blockades, including on the day of the presidential election on August 9.

However, as indicated, Telegram must comply with Apple’s instructions, because the messenger is made available via a centralized platform with iOS software, which is Apple’s App Store.

Belarus. Telegram developers complain about a technological monopoly

– Unfortunately, I suspect that the channels used by the Belarusian opposition activists will be blocked on iOS devices. Hopefully they will remain available through other platforms. Unfortunately, Apple prohibits us, the developers, from even informing users that selected content has been hidden from them – added Durow.

According to Telegram developers, Apple’s request clearly shows the problems that arise with the monopolization of the market by centralized online application stores.

In the entries of Internet users who follow the hashtag #AppleCensorsBelarus protest against the company’s decision, the accusation is repeated that it deprives Belarusian society of the only effective weapon against the forces of the state apparatus.

The data of Belarusian siloviki appeared, among others on Next channels. As the founder of the Sciapan PuciƂa channels told Onet at that time, there are many more names and they will be published if the brutality of the regime’s forces increases. – We know it has a huge impact. The officers are afraid, they cannot stand the pressure – he said. This is the strongest element of a larger action – “deanonymization” of the regime’s officials. During protests, it happens that women tear masks off the faces of representatives of the militia and OMON.

(kb, sources: PAP Technology, Twitter, Onet)


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