Being buried with his dog or cat? The French in favor of a law to that effect

Do you want to be buried with your dog or cat? If, at first glance, the question may seem absurd, the French nevertheless have a clear opinion on the matter. According to an Ifop survey for the specialized Woopts platform, the vast majority of French people are in favor of a law authorizing such a burial.

More than two out of three French people say this (68%). “in favor of the establishment of a law that allows you to be buried with your pet”. A membership that rises to 79% among those who own at least one animal. In detail, there are 2 French out of 10 (23%). “very favorable”when there is 12%. “very unfavorable”.

Unlike in Germany, the United Kingdom or Switzerland, in France it is absolutely forbidden to be buried with your pet. Overall, according to the study conducted by Ifop, it is young people who support this practice the most, which is still prohibited. 80% of people under the age of 35 are in favor of this law, compared to 52% of people over 65. Furthermore, the French with the lowest incomes are those who adhere more to this eventuality: 75% of people who earn between 900 and 1300 euros per month, against 59% of those who earn more than 2500 euros a month.

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