Behind the scenes of the fight of the star of Zamalek and the artist Ahmed Fahmy at the wedding of Sherif Mounir

A sharp quarrel broke out between Mahmoud Abdel Razek. “ShikabalaThe captain of the first football team at Zamalek Club, and one of the artists known for belonging to Al-Ahly club, at the wedding of Sherif Mounir Hassan, a former board member of the White Castle.
A source from the country echoed the scenes of the quarrel, saying that the quarrel broke out between Shikabala And the Al-Ahly artist Ahmed Fahmy, at the wedding ceremony, which began with Fahmy and his wife, the artist here Zahid, entering the hall, where they met Mustafa Saif Al-Ammari, a member of the former board of directors of Zamalek Club, who spoke with the artist saying: “Check here .. Come greet him so that the matter ends.” , And against the background of a previous disagreement between them after Fahmy was dissatisfied with Shikabala’s provocation to Al-Ahly fans and his outward moves after Zamalek won the recent Egyptian Super Championship with penalties.
He added, “Fahmy responded to Al-Ammari’s wish and went towards Shikabala, To be surprised by the last peace be upon him inappropriately, but my understanding overlooked the situation and told him: “You insulted people belonging to me on an idea.” Shikabala replied to him: “Do you mean Al-Ahly fans?” The artist replied in the affirmative, to surprise the latter by describing the player to the Al-Ahly club and its fans with external terms.

The ceremony witnessed the presence of Amir Mortada Mansour, the football supervisor in Zamalek, Hazem Imam, a former member of the Football Association, Mahmoud Abdel Moneim, “Kahraba”, the star of Al-Ahly, and a number of officials of the White Castle.

Fahmy was astonished by the insults Shikabala To the Al-Ahly club and its fans, where he asked him: “Are you insulting the Al-Ahly club and its fans while I am standing?” So the player insulted the Red Castle and its fans again, and here Fahmi insulted Shikabala without attacking Zamalek and its fans, according to the source’s confirmation.

Amir Mortada Mansour and Mustafa Saif Al-Ammari immediately intervened to contain the situation, and Hazem Imam, the former Zamalek club and national team star, went to my understanding to calm him down.

Ahmed Fahmy, one of the representatives known to belong to the Al-Ahly club, is keen to attend the Red Castle matches.


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