Beat Saber Hosts Netflix The Witcher’s Successful Ballad – News

If you have completed the television adaptation of The Witcher, you certainly did not miss this ballad. The success of Toss a coin to your Witcher today earned him a place in the Beat Saber rhythm game.

If the Netflix series The Witcher allowed the saga games to gain new momentum, it also highlighted a ballad sung by the character of Jaskier, friend of Geralt: Toss a coin to your Witcher. A title that quickly found success with fans of the saga. So much so that it has been integrated for a few days a mod from the first opus.

Its popularity ends up crossing other borders, and it’s now the VR rhythm game. Beat Saber who takes it. With two swords, you can now cut your blocks with Jaskier’s voice. During a video clip, a player under the pseudonym Holair gives us a preview of this new level on his YouTube channel. The liter is available from the site BeatSaver.

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