Be careful, people with these 8 conditions are susceptible to infection with black fungus, one of which is diabetes


There are several conditions that a person is susceptible to being infected with black fungus. – Have you ever heard of black fungus infection? Some time ago, Indonesia was surprised by the entry of black fungus infection.

Diseases that can be caused by several types of fungi are also known as Mucormycosis.

It turns out black fungus infection This is dangerous and can be life threatening, lo.

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Even now black fungus infection associated with people who are infected or recently recovered from COVID-19.

This applies to COVID-19 patients who are undergoing treatment with excessive steroids. In addition, diabetes and a weak immune system also cause this infection to occur.

However, did you know that there are eight other conditions that make us susceptible to black fungus infection.

Anything? Come on, find out!


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