Bargaining on a used car: how to make the best purchase

Right now it’s Black Friday and Black Week all over Norway. But there is little of it on the used car market. A quick search on shows that only about 250 cars are included in the Black Week deal. No one is tagged with Black Friday.

This means that you must, to a large extent, supply your super deals, if you are on the hunt for a used car.

Fortunately, there are some good tips that can go a long way in securing exactly the lowest price possible.

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– A lot to collect for many people

Broom’s managing editor, Vegard Møller Johnsen, privately bought and sold between 70 and 80 used cars. He has thus gained considerable experience in this field.

I latest episode of BroomPoddenshares tips that can help you make a good purchase.

– There is guaranteed to be a lot for many people here. There are too many who take easy fixes and shortcuts, and then end up paying too much, Broom-Vegard believes.

Time matters

One thing he believes too few do is good preparation.

– First you need to decide on a model. So it becomes much easier to concentrate. Then you need to set a budget and decide what are the “deal breakers” – what you can’t do without. The latter can be anything from color, automatic transmission, special equipment or engine options. As you know, on the used market you can’t specify the car exactly as you want, so you’ll probably have to compromise.

Only when this is done is it time to start searching.

– Follow the development

At the time of writing, there are approximately 70,000 used cars for sale. Many models there are a significant number. Which means you have a good selection.

– One of the smartest things you can do is start your research well in advance. Then you will have time to get a picture of the price trend. Ultimately, you’ll be able to react quickly, if a perfect car appears for you, Broom-Vegard points out.

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