Barcelona is still full of drama


The nuance of the drama has not disappeared Barcelona. There has been drama after the humiliating defeat in the Champions League, starting from the Lionel Messi transfer saga, to severance pay.

Barcelona passed the 2019/2020 season with a title. Not only did they lose the LaLiga title which was won by Real Madrid, their eternal rival, the Blaugrana were also eliminated from the Champions League in shame.

Barcelona’s move in the competition for the Big Ears trophy ran aground in the quarter-finals after being crushed 2-8 over German club Bayern Munich. Since then dramas have continued to emerge.

For several weeks prior to this, the world of football was enlivened by news of requests Lionel Messi so that it can be released by Barcelona. This was accompanied by all kinds of discussions ranging from the clause of the contract, potential clubs of interest, to question marks about the internal situation of the Camp Nou. The drama itself eventually ended with La Pulga remaining in Barcelona.

Speculation of Lionel Messi’s fate has also been experienced by a number of other players. Following the arrival of Ronald Koeman as the new coach, there is also questionable future for Luis Suarez. This is related to news Barcelona want to wash the warehouse.

Luis Suarez has even been linked with a number of clubs, one of which is Juventus. In order to pave the way for the Bianconeri, the Uruguayan is reportedly already undergoing a test to get an Italian passport.

This has to do with the fact that Luis Suarez is a non-EU footballer while Juventus’ quota of non-EU players to navigate the Champions League has run out.

Besides that, recently another drama appeared. Even though Koeman has arrived as the new coach, there is a possibility that he will not be able to accompany Barcelona on the sidelines of the match.

That’s because Barcelona reportedly still have to deal with compensation Quique Setien after being fired. This week, Setien admitted that he had only been officially fired from the position of coach of Barca, even though the club announced his dismissal last month.

Reported BrandQuique Setien also claims he has not received compensation from the Catalan club regarding his dismissal. It is this case that it is believed that Koeman has not been able to accompany Barcelona during a match. Moreover, Setien is now ready to take legal action.

Apart from that, there was another drama involved Josep Maria Bartomeu, the club president. As last season’s results, his position as Barcelona’s number one has been highlighted sharply. Now there is a motion of no confidence in him.

There was an attempt to collect signatures in order to present evidence of the Motion of Disbelief to Bartomeu. Marca said, currently there were 20,687 signatures collected from the 16,521 needed, or about 15 percent of the voter list.

The signature of the Motion of No Confidence was raised to convey a protest to the board of directors of Josep Maria Bartomeu. The movement entitled ‘Mes que una Mocio’ was also supported by Josep Maria Bartomeu’s opponents in the presidential election. Barcelona to come. Vicor Font, Jordi Farre, and Lluis Fernandes-Ala are said to have participated.

(krs / mrp)


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