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Barça ace Pedri makes an important statement in the fight against pollution

Many stars waste their enormous reach on social media, where they mainly talk about one topic: themselves. Barças Pedri (19) is cut from a different cloth. He uses his notoriety to counteract the destruction of our planet.

His participation in the Kick out Plastic campaign will certainly have inspired some of his fans to follow suit. Together with 400 children from the region, Pedri, supported by his organization CDFAB Tegueste, helped to clean up his home region on Tenerife. The focus was on plastic packaging.

The main purpose of this measure is to declare war on single-use plastics. The FC Barcelona midfielder supports his home country in this way to achieve its environmental goals. Spain has long recognized that single-use waste is a major problem. Just over a third of the waste is recycled.

At the beginning of the year, the government therefore passed a new law which, among other things, levies a tax on disposable packaging. In addition, there is a ban on the sale of many products such as plastic plates or plastic cutlery, which already exist in a similar form in Germany.

Pedri, reigning Golden Boy title holder (best U21 player in Europe) will be pleased to note this development. Incidentally, the commitment of the soccer professional is not limited to environmental issues. A few months ago, for example, he was helping food dispensaries across the country to distribute bananas from his home region.

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