Bala and Elizabeth at the theater to see “Shefiq”; video

Bala and his wife Elizabeth came to the theater to see the new film Shafiqin with Unni Mukundan. Bala is seen in an important role in the film. Unlike regular characters, Bala appears in comedic numbers in the film.


Produced by Unni Mukundan Films and directed by newcomer Anoop Pandalam, ‘Shefeek’s Happiness’ was released in theatres. Unni Mukundan who is loved by the Malayalees will come as a chef. Draman Rajan, Divya Pillai, Manoj K. Jayan, Bala, Rahul Madhav, Shaheen Siddique, Sminu Sijo, Mithun Ramesh and other big stars are lined up in the film. The film will also feature a new role of Awamani, who has caught the attention of audiences with films like Joseph and Cold Case. The first indications are that it will be a film that will fill the audience with smiles.

The theme of the film is about an ordinary boy who returns from the Gulf to his hometown Parathod and the problems that arise in his later life. The film deals with a health issue that is often humorously discussed without diminishing its importance. The trailer and teasers of the film received a good response on social media. Unni Mukundan himself sang two songs in the film, ‘Khalbile Hoori’ and ‘Ponpularikal Porunne’. Unni’s father also stars in this film.

The music is directed by Shaan Rahman. Cinematography by Eldo Isaac and editing by Naufal Abdullah. Line Producer Vinod Mangalath, Makeup Arun Ayur, Costumes Arun Manohar, Stills Aji Musket, Associate Director Rajesh K. Rajan, Promotion Consultant Vipin Kumar. Distribution Good Will Entertainments. Production Designer – Shyam Karthikeyan, PRO AS Cena.

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