Baim Wong fired a worker who built his house after allegedly cheating on buying materials

Baim Wong (Source: ( GITA))

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – It’s been 8 months, Baim Wong’s new house is still not finished. Feeling that there was a problem with the construction of his house, Baim Wong acted quickly.

Baim Wong together with construction management (MK) and people from contractor services held a meeting in his house construction area. On the sidelines of the meeting, Baim Wong poured out his heart because the construction of his house did not go smoothly.

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“Now we’re having a meeting, 8 months like this. I’m sorry I’m not bossy? I’m sad too. Well, that’s the person I’ve worked with for a long time, don’t just lose it (trust) with just one mistake,” said Baim Wong.

The reason is, every week, Baim Wong has to spend up to Rp.25 million to pay 39 workers.

“The house is chaotic bosque, this is chaotic. How is this, it’s not happening. All parties are blaming it,” said Baim Wong.

Baim Wong’s anger peaked considering that he had spent a lot of money for the construction of his dream house.



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