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Awesome! Reveal the national costume “Trirong Anongnat Suphanmacha” Ching Miss Universe 2020

Reveal the national costume “Trirong Anongnat Suphanmacha” Ching Miss Universe 2020 holds “Thai fighting fish” national aquatic animal Extra distinctive with the colors of the tricolor flag

On December 18, TPN Global Company Limited (TPN), the copyright holder of the Miss Universe Thailand contest, announced the results of the Thai national costume. “Trirong Anongnat Suphanmucha” created with The inspiration started from “Lady in Literature” combines the colors of “fighting fish”, a national treasure To the most elegant and dignified national costume Get ready for “Amanda Chalisa Obdam” to wear on stage 69th Miss Universe
For this year’s Thai national costume The Miss Universe Thailand Contest Division has chosen from the concept “Mrs. In Literature” that beautiful women wore to the contest on stage Miss Universe Thailand in the past The dresses that were voted and selected as the national costume were “Trirong Anongnat Suphanmacha” set by renowned designer Akarat Phusanaphong Which was created with inspiration “Mrs. Suphan Macha” in the literature on the Ramayana It brings the grace of Mrs. Suphan Macha but transforms it into the beauty of “Thai fighting fish”, the valuable and colorful national aquatic animal. Enhanced with the colors of the tricolor flag on the swaying fins. This pattern is a virtual pattern of the short-tailed fish, the national flag pattern. Which is reputed to have the highest price in Thai history Known as “Chao Trirong” by the said set Will be developed to suit the wearer the most
“Fighting Fish” or “The River Fighter of Siam” is considered to be the national aquatic animal of Thailand, which has been confirmed by the Cabinet’s announcement on February 5, 2019. Known for more than 100 years and famous throughout the world. The foreign countries call this fish “Siamese Fighting Fish” from such a beautiful image. Making the world’s leading mobile manufacturer brands The world-class “Apple” (Apple) has taken a picture of “Thai fighting fish” in the promotion of the iPhone 6 smartphone as well.

This is another thing that guarantees its beauty and global acceptance, and today, “Thai fighting fish” will swim on the universe stage. Reinforce the image of “Thai fighters” as well as Miss Universe Thailand with tremendous potential Be the real person of the universe (Real U, Real Universe) to create a name for “Thailand”, loudly across the world on the stage of the universe flawlessly.

Join to appreciate the beauty of “Amanda Chalisa Obdam” closely in the trairong Anongnat Suphanmacha dress. To wear to show off beauty before going to the role of the one and only beautiful woman of Siam For the goal of winning the third crown on the 69th Miss Universe Stage at Rajadamnern Contemporary Art Gallery, Bangkok, do not miss MUT 2020 exclusive movement. And encouraging Amanda Chalisa Obdam, including the website www.missuniverse.in.th And applications Miss Universe Thailand 2020 on mobile devices (Mobile Device) both iOS and Android systems and other channels

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