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Avoiding Fraudulent Loan Scams: What to Do If You’ve Been Victimized

If you click on one fraudulent credit bankruptcy If you fell for it, your money may now be gone. You really wanted a loan, but instead the perpetrators managed to steal your savings.

In many of these cases, the scam works through Advance tax fraud. Apparently, an advance payment should be necessary to get the loan you want.

Often covered as fees, commissions and advance payments. However, the loan amount is not paid out and the victims are initially left with the loss.

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No, it’s not normal to pay upfront​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Let’s keep it short: Usually, you want money from the lender without having to pay upfront. Even fees and commissions for “real loans” are already included in the interest that will be paid later, so that these do not have to be paid separately. or even in advance.

During a fraudulent loan breach, the criminals convince the borrower that this is a very lucrative loan – with a small catch. The catch is that you have to pay upfront. The loan would then be “immediately granted” and “immediately paid out”.

Many people fall for this. And not because they are “naïve”, but because they are A fraud scam was built “perfectly perfectly”. Yes. These perpetrators are not petty criminals or casual fraudsters, but organized financial crime on a large scale.

Damage caused? What to do if a credit violation is fraudulent:

  1. If you go through one Loan advance fraud If you have been damaged, you must make efforts to recover the money you have lost. You have to do it yourself, otherwise nothing will happen!
  2. Legally, you have a claim against the perpetrators behind the fraudulent loan default repayment and damage. You need to make these claims – ideally with your lawyer.
  3. she is A lawyer “going through” what happened in connection with the fraud with you, obtaining evidence, starting a civil lawsuit and prosecuting the financial fraudsters. The sooner you deal with this, the better.
  4. Check online to see if there is other victims to your particular loan broker. You may find other victims on forums or social networks.

More information for you:

  1. make your own, digital forensics at. You may have fallen for a fake online loan that is not a real loan. Even so, you may have had extensive contact with the rip-offs.
  2. Save all this contact data. This includes emails, chat messages, phone numbers, websites and contract documents. The more you can be sure, the better evidence you will have to take action against these people.
  3. Protect yourself from the unpleasant effects of credit fraud. Because the makers may not be done with you yet! Block the phone numbers and profiles of these suspicious financial intermediaries.
  4. Take care of your online banking. Was a direct debit posted that you can’t assign? Bring it back immediately!
  5. Please mention: What to do if you have credit fraud for more information, especially how to report and deny credit fraudsters.

Credit scam: Why the consumer advice centers publicly warn!

The consumer advice centers were probably one of the first to get wind of the fake credit brokers. It is not without reason that consumer advice centers are now sounding the alarm.

For example, the consumer advice center of North Rhine-Westphalia says that advance payment fraud is carried out, among other things, through sophisticated fraud involving “cash on delivery” contract documents. The originators send loan offers to potential borrowers through the mail, which are then only granted in return for cash payment upon receipt. the delivery.. In the package itself you will find worthless papers that will never lead to paying the loan amount.

The Hamburg consumer advice center also talks about very dubious loan offers that are either dubious because they can’t be used, or are a complete scam. For example, there will be “small loans” which are quite expensive or ominous “Unsecured Loans” are listed.

In some cases it is difficult to distinguish between “dubious loan offers” and genuine, fraudulent loan brokering. In any case, if in doubt, you should go to a known banking institution.

Loan Prepayment Fraud: Will My Bank Get My Money Back?

If you have already fallen into the trap and been a victim of tax fraud before, you want your money back. Your bank will be surprised, but they may be able to initiate a transfer recall for you.

However, this transfer revocation is bound by deadlines and also requires the consent of the payer. In other words: The makers would have to “allow” your bank to return your money.

Of course, credit fraudsters will not give such permission and instead want to get away with stolen assets from the victims of the fraud.. Your bank may not be able to recover your money – instead, speak immediately to an attorney who has experience in advance loan fraud.

Why does the fake loan default scam work?

  • The perpetrators attract people with unstable situations. Of course there is no mention of the fact that these low interest rates and the lack of a credit check indicate a fraudulent loan.
  • The advance tax fraudsters use one “Express Payment” the requested loan amount is advertised. The cuts are quick, but certainly not when it comes to paying out.
  • Criminal marketing professionals are behind the loan scam. These people build websites that look better than many websites of reputable banking institutions.
  • i do direct contact with fraud victims Loan fraudsters rely on psychological manipulation and convincing words. When you deal with these scammers, no one will believe it was a fake loan breach – too good!

It’s still going:

  • Because of the involvement artificial intelligence The perpetrators can program chatbots, imitate voices, create certificates and bank documents, and fake customer reviews and interactions on social media.
  • The Advance tax fraud is sold with credibility such as “standard fee”, “standard commission” or “required advance payment”. The credit fraudsters sometimes rely on apparently new guidelines for EU credit or anti-money laundering laws.
  • The dubious loan brokers contact fraud victims directly via email WhatsApp or Telegram know Scammers can previously obtain personal data on the darknet (black digital market) to “target victims” and then write to them.
  • Comparison portals for loans and credit offers are infiltrated by criminals. How does it work? The rip-offs get there through advertising or even deceive the operators of the comparison portals over a long period of time – so that these operators themselves assume that they are dealing with a reputable credit broker . Please mention: List of loan fraudsters.

An actual example of a fraudulent loan bankruptcy case from my law firm:

A concerned person applied for an alleged loan from a dubious comparison platform for low-interest loans and made a large required deposit there.

Later he became one additional advance payment request, allegedly due to EU regulations, the person initially did not respond. The communication was initially “casual” via WhatsApp, see: Loan fraud on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Instagram.

This was followed by the notification that the loan amount was disbursed to an account established at a reputable, recognized bank. When trying to transfer a large amount to their own account, the person encountered high and non-transparent fees for a “required code” they did not agree to.

How did it go:

Nevertheless, the need for this payment was identified. When I tried to withdraw money using a card I applied for, high charges for each transaction came to light again.

It also turned out that the same contact was working as both a “bank employee” and a “credit broker”. In addition, bad credit insurance had to be paid.

Communication was mostly done via email, Facebook and WhatsApp. The person involved then looked for a way to reinvest the money.

How I can help you as a credit fraud and prepayment fraud attorney:

Regardless of what your specific individual case looks like in detail – I know the constellations of fraud. Injured parties from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland report to my law firm.

It is important that victims of fraud do not just give up. Otherwise, the rip-offs will make a good living for themselves with the stolen funds, and we should definitely prevent it.

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I report fraud in the financial sector. I offer one to those who have been hurt free initial assessment which works surprisingly easily.

Email me about what happened to you. Who did you contact about the loan? Which websites were involved in loan brokerage? Where did your money go as a result of loan advance fraud?

You will receive timely, robust feedback from me from a lawyer’s perspective. You can then decide at your leisure what further steps you would like to take. If you wish, I can handle your fraud case in its entirety.

Contact me without obligation by email:

  1. If you have become involved in prepayment fraud through a right loan and you will not get your money back. I recommend immediate drastic measures because your savings are at stake.
  2. If you are not sure whether your individual case is a loan scam or “just a suspicious loan broker”. The exact difference is sometimes difficult.
  3. If a fake credit broker always wants to contact you even though you don’t want to. Some of these loan fraudsters are more than ruthless and do not even shy away from threats and blackmail.
  4. If you have entered your personal data on an ominous comparison website for reputable loan offers and now you fear identity theft and data misuse. In the worst case, we are talking about unauthorized account openings and product orders under your name.

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