Attack on camera team during demo of Attila Hildmann – BZ Berlin

At a rally by vegan chef Attila Hildmann at Messe Berlin, one of his supporters attacked a team from the Jewish Forum. A video shows the attack.

On Saturday the cookbook author and his few followers gathered for a rally at the north entrance to Messe Berlin. The Jewish Forum posted a post on social media documenting an attack on its own press team. Attila Hildmann approaches the camera and begins the first provocation: “Are you also enemies of democracy?”

He continues: “You think you are anti-fascists. The only thing you do, you are fascists, ”he continues, looking straight into the camera. “We’ll find your names and then we’ll take a look,” he threatens, and goes on to dedicate himself to the next journalist present.

“Hiss off! Departure!”

Hildmann always seems to want to keep going. He berates bystanders as “Internet gangsters” and mocks himself with the respiratory masks (“The sanitary napkin that you have in your face”).

The constant requests to Hildmann and his followers to keep their distance are apparently disregarded. When a YouTuber named Stefan Bauer wanted to “interview” the press representatives of the Jewish Forum, who were recording everything with a camera, the situation escalated: A demo participant hit the camera, Hildmann’s supporters continued to run towards the camera, the filmmaker seemed intimidated to want.

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“Several press representatives were threatened, including a representative of the JFDA. The video recordings are from the JFDA, the blow to the camera also went to a JFDA employee, ”confirms Levi Salomon, the spokesman for the Jewish Forum on request.

Police involvement is criticized

The police officers present stand between the demonstrators and the camera team, but do not seem to act. Two police officers just keep going after the blow to the camera. When the cameraman asks for support from “more officials”, the demo group says: “Are you afraid?”

On Twitter, many users wonder why the police didn’t intervene. “Why does the police seem so relaxed when right-wing radicals attack the press?” Is one of the comments below the video.

The Berlin police released a statement on the incident in response to the video of the Jewish Forum on Sunday.

“Provocative or aggressive behavior from meetings is always judged criminally. We let the case flow into the preparation of future missions, ”it says.

Messe Berlin distanced itself from the demo on the site in a tweet.

State protection investigated against Hildmann

Hildmann has emerged as a corona conspirator in the past few weeks. Over the past few weeks, Hildmann had organized demonstrations and car parades against the corona restrictions several times.

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In the demos and in a telegram chat group, which he floods with wild theories every day, he initially spoke out against corona measures and finally fell into wild claims, xenophobic and anti-Semitic statements. This even brought up the state security, which is now investigating Hildmann and investigating allegations of hatred.

The author also complained about the media and their reports about him, but also emphasized that he would not take a word back.


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