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Attack in Jerusalem: Stopping the terrorists’ weapons prevented a major disaster

Three young men were slightly injured this morning (Monday) in a stampede attack, which took place on Tchelet Mordechai Street in the capital, near a synagogue where they had come to pray and pick chametz. The two terrorists who carried out the attack tried to use an improvised “Carlo” type weapon, but threw it away due to a weapon jam. This averted a major disaster.

A preliminary investigation of the attack reveals that the terrorists, Ma’tez Aulma and Hatem Kwasma, 18 years old, residents of Hebron, arrived in Jerusalem in a car with a yellow ID plate. They ran over the three young men, got out of the vehicle and tried to shoot at a group of citizens who were engaged in burning chametz. As mentioned, due to being stopped with weapons and the cries of the victims, the terrorists fled on foot.

Police began searching for them and found the weapon in the street. At the end of the searches, the terrorists were found hiding in a building near a yeshiva in the neighborhood, into which they broke through the window. An ax and knives were found in the vehicle used by the terrorists.

The victims of the attack, residents of Jerusalem aged 15, 18 and 20, were evacuated from the scene to Shaare Zedek Medical Center, from where it was reported that their condition is described as mild. Two of them, 20-year-old Menachem Mendel Fish and 18-year-old Yosef Yitzhak Hershenbaum wanted to convey: “Thank God, we are healthy and safe and a Passover miracle happened to us. We ask for unity among the people of Israel and wish a happy and safe kosher holiday to all the people of Israel.”

The Commissioner, Senior Superintendent Ya’akov Shabtai, made a statement to the media outside the furniture store where the terrorists were captured and said that “they came with the intention of massacre, it was lucky.” Inspection. IDF forces raided the homes of the terrorists in Hebron and detained suspects for aiding and abetting.

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