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At worst, TV host Jean-Luc Reichmann treated urgently

Very connected, TV host Jean-Luc Reichmann shares almost all of his daily life with his more than 4,447,000 subscribers on Instagram.

He for example explained to his community, this Tuesday, April 27, that he had to go to the dentist’s emergency and this, in full confinement: “Today, thank you to Maryse my dentist and nevertheless friend, and tribute to all the kind people to take care of us when there is an emergency and when we really need it‼ ️ … Thank you.”

This information captioned a photo of him with this famous health professional who obviously knew how to treat him in time. In the picture he posted, Jean-Luc appears to be holding his cheek, as if he is in pain.

On the famous social network, the main interested party also made a major announcement a few hours ago. Reichmann has indeed said that Paul will make his comeback on the show this Wednesday noon.

As for Eric, the current champion, he dethroned Christian Quesada, in terms of gains, as he hoped so much. “It’s a great satisfaction for me. It’s a way to overcome it for the first time, relegate it a little further“, he explained to Gala. Next objective: exceed it on the number of participations side.

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