Stay Tuned for the Exciting Finale of ‘El Gran Chef: Famosos’ Season 3 on Latina

Stay Tuned for the Exciting Finale of ‘El Gran Chef: Famosos’ Season 3 on Latina

Attention viewers! El Gran Chef: Famosos has been serving as one of the favorite programs of Peruvians after its premiere on Latina. Its participants, as well as the jury made up of Giacomo Bocchio, Nelly Rossinelli and Javier Masíasthey are making people talk.

Now, its third season is about to come to an end, and in the following paragraphs of this note The popular We tell you how you can continue tuning in, so you can keep an eye on all the details.

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Schedules to watch ‘The Great Chef: Celebrities’ season 3

If you want to tune in to the program Latina, The Great Cef Famous, You have two schedules: Both Saturdays and Monday to Friday. From Monday to Friday you can find out the latest from 8:00 pm in Peruvian time, while on Saturdays it is broadcast from 8:30 pm

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Where and how to watch ‘The Big Chef: Celebrities’ season 3?

The Great Celebrity Chef is transmitted through the signal Latin Televisionn at the two times mentioned depending on the day. However, if you don’t have a television on hand you can watch it LIVE from his YouTube channel. HERE you have different options.

Cable and open signal: You will find it on channel 2 of your open signal on your television.Website: You must enter the Latina website.YouTube: You can enter Latina’s YouTube channel by clicking HERE and enjoy the minute by minute.In the app: You can download the application Latina on your tablet or cell phone device.

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‘The Great Chef: Celebrities’ season 3: What happened on the September 23 show?

In the last program The Great Chef: Celebritiesthe participants in the sentence prepared “Stuffed artichokes”, and the winner was Mad Wagnerwho received a benefit.

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Despite this, the radio announcer couldn’t handle Leslie Stewart and Mariella Zanetti en the preparation of the second dish of the night, “Trout in quinoa crust”, and was finally eliminated from the rLatina cooking reality.

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Members of ‘The Great Chef: Celebrities’ season 3

Armando MachucaMilene VásquezJosi Martínez – Eliminated and then won the repechage.Mayra Goñi – EliminatedRocky Belmonte – Eliminated and then won the repechage.Fátima Aguilar – EliminatedSanti LesmesMariella Zanetti-SentencedEl Loco Wagner – Eliminated, then won the repechage, and was eliminated againLeslie StewartSirena OrtizThe town’s herbalist – Removed
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