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At least thirteen arrests after protest against corona measures in London | NOW

The police in London got into a fight with protesters against the corona measures on Saturday at Hyde Park. Police say at least 13 of the thousands of protesters in the city center have been arrested on the basis of measures prohibiting gathering.

The police said they were surprised by the large number of demonstrators. The epicenter of the protest was Hyde Park, where protesters started a protest march towards the government center further down town. Among them was the actor Laurence Fox, who also has ambitions in London politics.

Later in the day, police also arrested people who refused to leave Hyde Park. Using banners, protesters called for more attention to the consequences of the lockdowns for children and young people and the loneliness, depression, bankruptcy and suicides that the measures would cause.

Police had warned on Friday that gatherings will not be tolerated. The protesters call the prohibition to demonstrate against the restrictions imposed by the government on the population, contrary to fundamental rights.

Dozens of British MPs are demanding relaxation for protest

More than 60 members of the British Parliament have therefore called on Home Secretary Priti Patel to relax corona measures to allow protests. They argue that it is unacceptable and against the law that “people who want to demonstrate should be criminalized”.

Grouping is not allowed under the current rules. A week ago, the corona measures were used by agents to crackdown on protesters in a London park. That was during a vigil for a 33-year-old woman murdered in south London. According to activists, a country where protest is not allowed is not a democracy.

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