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at Apérock, rockers always have a big heart

At the beginning of this famous “second line” of the Chambre d’amour, where six locals, in addition to Apérock, Le P’tea Coffee, Bouche-à-mouth, Txapel, Bistrot de la plage and Txupinazo are close and have chosen to make common cause to harmonize the extension of the terraces that the Municipality has granted them.

Skalou draws a positive balance from last summer, even if the month of July did not live up to his expectations. With hindsight of now three years of experience, he notes that the regular clientele who frequent Apérock out of season are not present in the months of July and August.

after summer

Summer is over, Apérock has resumed its neighborhood bar rhythm, considering that it is on the scale of the three municipalities of BAB and beyond, the south of the Landes and the interior of the Basque Country. The places where you can hear rock are not that numerous.

Nicolas Doubeck and Sophie Magnat are the illustration of these rock lovers who do not hesitate to come to Ondres to spend an evening at the Apérock. It is thanks to this that Xav and Skalou, rockers with a big heart, have received news of the evening that the couple is organizing on Saturday 12 November at the Caprani hall in Ondres and that they have decided to bring their support.

Concerts and theme nights

“It’s in the way we see our business,” says Skalou. We’re not here just to serve drinks. We also want things to happen. They take the form of themed nights, like the recently thrilling Halloween night, or more classic evening concerts or blind rehearsals.

In three years Xav and Skalou have changed the layout of the place, which now has two stages. To vary the arrangements from one evening to the next. In another register, a sealed chamber has been set up at the entrance, closed by two anti-noise doors. “From the outside you can’t hear anything”, says Skalou, the result of the 7,000 euros invested in the acoustic study and the same in the construction of the structures.

Apérock therefore prepares for a new winter by staying open. It also has an evening on reservation for December 31st, which this year falls on a Saturday.

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