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Aquara, presentation of Cer Val Calore

Renewable Energy Communitiesthe presentation of Cer Val Calore is scheduled for Wednesday April 24 at 17.30 nell’Council Chamber of the Municipality of Aquara. They will discuss it Antonio Marinomayor of Aquara, Giovanni Guzzovice president of Province of Salerno, Giuseppe Coccorullopresident of Cilento National Park, Vallo di Diano and Alburni, Giovanni Ferroceo Helios S.p.A.ed Ovidio Marzaiolideputy general secretary Consumer Movement. The meeting, organized by the Municipality of Aquara and Helios Spa, was moderated by Pious Naples.

To the sky

A Renewable Energy Community it is based on open and voluntary participation and is made up of natural persons, small and medium-sized enterprises, local authorities, including municipal administrations. Cer’s primary objective is to provide community-level environmental, economic or social benefits to its shareholders or members or to the local areas in which it operates. Thanks to shared virtual self-consumption, members of an energy community obtain an economic benefit, to which is added the market value of the energy fed into the grid with a return on investment estimated in a few years.

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