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Astronomical events will bring an unexpected change in the year 2023.. What are they?

The year 2023 marks a great success for all of us. There are 3 significant shifts with the outer planets, i.e. those planets furthest away from us, including Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, accounting for the largest global shifts collectively. Economic instability will continue. We will feel it and adapt to the new lifestyle changes. We will also continue to address the repercussions of the health challenges the world began to face in 2020, as monitored by Al-Jamila.

On the more optimistic side, we are about to improve the way we manage our personal energy. We will learn to become more responsible with our energy with regards to our daily commitments, health needs and investments.

Find out how planetary transits will affect the year 2023.

1- Saturn transits Aquarius in 2023

One of the most important astronomical events that will take place in the year 2023 is the long-awaited exit of Saturn from Aquarius..

2 Saturn transits Pisces in 2023

One of the biggest astrological events of 2023 is the transition of Saturn, the planet that represents responsibility, structure and boundaries, into intuitive, creative and empathetic Pisces whose energy is radically different from what Saturn represents, for the first time in almost three decades. “Pisces is the energy of extremes and Saturn is about how we honor commitments to the end.” This transit invites us to penetrate into our higher self and see what is happening around us through a long-term lens to stay within our power..

On March 7, 2023, Saturn will enter Pisces and will remain there until May 25, 2025, before making a short turn in Aries. Saturn will then re-enter Pisces on August 31, 2025 and remain there until February 13, 2026. With Saturn entering Pisces next year, you’ll want to prepare for the inevitable clash of illusions. The new challenge will focus on tapping into your strengths and using your perceived “weaknesses” as strengths. Of course, this doesn’t come without challenges. Saturn in Pisces can also lead to some negative behaviors when faced with overwhelmed feelings. Meanwhile, Saturn is teaching you where you need to have limitations, focus, and a constant effort to get anywhere in life.

3The planet Pluto transits Aquarius in 2023

Transiting Pluto through Aquarius in 2023 is about self-liberation and progress towards greater equality and human ideals. Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23, 2023 and will remain there until June 11, 2023, when it will spend a short period of retrograde time through Capricorn. This latest Pluto in Capricorn trait is likely to cause some uproar for revenge against the revolutionary ideals and structures Pluto in Aquarius has promised to bring, so expect widespread social strife. Around this time, Pluto will re-establish itself in Aquarius to begin his 20 day, year journey through the sign of rebellion and change.

4Venus enters Leo in 2023

Venus, the planet of romance, will be retrograde in Leo on July 22, 2023 and will stay there until September 3, 2023. Transiting Venus Leo is usually a great time to show your feelings for your partner or make a serious commitment to someone other. However, when Venus is retrograde, love and relationship issues are likely to arise. Your relationships may experience some unexpected drama. Money is also an important factor to consider during this time. Since Venus also greatly influences your finances and savings, this is sure to be a difficult time but the couples who survive will find that their relationship is stronger and more financially sound than ever..

5Jupiter transits Taurus in 2023

On May 16, 2023, Jupiter will end its stay in Aries and move into Taurus, where it will remain until May 25, 2024. When Jupiter, the planet of luck, knowledge, higher education and philosophy, enters the sign of Taurus , offers the opportunity to make real progress towards a long-term dream or goal. Every time Jupiter changes sign, it “changes the way she brings opportunities for growth and abundance.” For example, Jupiter in Aries rewards boldness and risk-taking, while Jupiter in Taurus promotes dedication, focus, and hard work..

Jupiter will spend the first half of 2023 in fiery and passionate Aries between January and mid-May, giving you focus and energy to get things done. This is the perfect time to move with your intuition and become self-reliant, as the energy of Jupiter in Aries brings a boost of confidence that allows you to turn things around in your favor. While this time period may seem a bit volatile and chaotic, you can expect to see the results of your work when Jupiter enters Taurus.

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