Astrazeneca, Draghi: “Vaccination in Italy resumes from Friday 19 March at 3 pm”

“The Italian government welcomes Ema’s pronouncement on the Astrazeneca vaccine. The administration of the vaccine will resume as early as tomorrow. The priority of the Government remains that of carrying out the greatest number of vaccinations in the shortest possible time”. This was stated by the Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

The green light in Italy for the resumption of vaccinations with Anglo-Swedish serum, after the precautionary suspension of 4 days, came just over an hour away from that of Ema, the European drug agency.

“The recommendation of the Ema Pharmacovigilance Committee, in its meeting today, March 18, 2021, confirmed the favorable benefit / risk ratio of the AstraZeneca anti-Covid19 vaccine, excluding an association between thrombosis cases and the Covid 19 vaccine. on the basis of available data, problems related to quality and production “reads a press release from Aifa, the Italian pharmaceutical agency.

For this reason “after hearing the Minister of Health, the Directorate General for Prevention and the Superior Health Council, Aifa announces that the reasons behind the precautionary prohibition of the use of vaccine batches, issued on March 15, 2021, no longer exist. Therefore, tomorrow (Friday 19 March, ed) as soon as the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) releases its opinion, Aifa will proceed to lift the ban on the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, thus allowing a complete resumption of the campaign. vaccination starting at 15 “.

The Regions, however, are reorganizing themselves in a different way. The Lazio it is ready to restart immediately with the vaccinations: “Now do not waste any more time” said the councilor for health Alessio D’Amato. And so the sms to those booked in the afternoon started. Even the governor of the Tuscany Eugenio Giani he said he was ready “to send the Region the SMS confirming the vaccine this evening: for tomorrow there were 5,404 bookings for the AstraZeneca vaccine”. Then we will have to recover the thousands of missed requests. Also in Lombardy e Puglia we start again tomorrow with the doses.

The Piedmont it’s ready to restart the calls immediately: the first text messages could start already in the evening. There are about 20 thousand doses to be recovered in the region for the stop of the drug, but about 5 thousand belong to the batches seized and are therefore not recoverable at the moment.

In Emilia Romagna, the Region informs that “those who already had an appointment for vaccination starting from tomorrow at 3 pm and in the following days, and have not been notified of any changes so far, will keep the appointment already fixed and will be able to regularly present themselves at the indicated vaccination point. ‘instructions have already been given to all health authorities to strengthen their activities and resume the planned activity relating to AstraZeneca “.

In Liguria, on the other hand, “bookings and vaccinations will resume” from next Monday in the 23 locations made available to general practitioners throughout the country: those who already have reservations starting from Monday 22 March can regularly present themselves for the appointment. together with Alisa, Liguria Digitale and the ASL, we are already working to reschedule the appointments that, booked by general practitioners, have been skipped this week following the stop to the administration of the vaccine: according to the latest data, it is about 11 thousand appointments that will be rescheduled starting from next Monday, March 22, within the next 15 days “declares in a note the president of the Liguria Region and councilor for health Giovanni Toti after the green light for the AstraZeneca vaccine by the Ema.

Meanwhile, pharmacists are also taking to the field to accelerate vaccines: 5,174 are already qualified while another 2,800 are completing the course which lasts one year. The go-ahead will be provided for in a provision under the Sostegni Dl, which should arrive by the hour before the Council of Ministers. The 2021 Budget Law also provides for the figure of supervisor doctors of reference.


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