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Artists from 20 Countries Unite for Children’s Therapeutic Exoskeleton Exhibition in Córdoba

Luis Ortega

Córdoba, April 22 (EFE).- Around 200 artists from up to 20 countries have given their work in solidarity to create a large exhibition in Córdoba with one goal: to obtain the first therapeutic exoskeleton for children in Andalusia that allows a better life and rehabilitation of children with neuromuscular problems.

The initiative comes from the Federation of Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities in Córdoba (Fepamic) and “almost by accident,” according to the president of its foundation, Alfonso Ariza, who explains to EFE that although having a beer with his group. “a good friend” Jacinto Lara, a sculptor and painter from Córdoba, who was concerned about the high cost of the scene, gave one of his works to sell immediately.

“But then another friend who’s also an artist comes to the same table and tells me he’s going to give me another painting, so I said … and we’ve brought a lot of artists in from all over Spain and abroad to achieve this great show,” according to Ariza.

There can be up to 240 works of art by 200 artists with which it is expected to raise “as much as possible” because the prices are of different types and conditions. From a Carrara marble sculpture by the author of Cordoba who lives in Barcelona “that costs 100,000 euros” to paintings “for 60, 80, 100 or 200 euros”.

“Anything we can raise is good for us, although we have already made the first important fundraising with an incredible donation of 25,000 euros given by the Regional Council of Córdoba”, whose halls is holding this show of loyalty.

And it is not as small as any contribution to be able to use the “children’s therapeutic exoskeleton”, an “entirely Spanish” technique that can be used by any child between 3 and 9 or 10 years old and that there are only three like it in Spain, “one in Bilbao, another in Madrid and another in Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​​​​and so we want this to be the fourth, the first in Andalusia, which would provide rehabilitation for boys and girls with neuromuscular problems.”

Ariza explains that the exoskeleton is “based almost entirely on artificial intelligence” and has “modern technology” so its cost rises to more than 270,000 euros, a high price that Fepamic try to build not only with this show but also. also with other solidarity initiatives in which the society of Córdoba is involved.

“Through the help, for example, of the Bar Association, which represents the work of Don Mendo throughout Córdoba, raising money for us, or the Network of High Commitment Companies (Reac) which participates with the foundation and which also puts money. buying the exoskeleton,” Ariza emphasizes.

But the commitment shown by the president of Fepamic, Sara Rodríguez, is that the exoskeleton “will be this year in Córdoba” and the federation will buy it “yes or no”, so each donation has little to gain closer to the big goal: that a child who “lies in bed without being able to get up, will be able to stand.”

“The exoskeleton is not going to make the child walk, but it will help for many other things, to stand up, because when he stands up he will eat better, he will feel important and he will able to lead much better. life than the one it leads, as well as the self-esteem it also gives parents to be able to see their child standing like any other child,” says Ariza.

“For us it is a tool that is essential to have in Córdoba as soon as possible,” he says as he reviews the work in the exhibition, which can be seen at the Palacio de la Merced, headquarters Córdoba Regional Council, until next. weekend.

The president of the regional institute, Salvador Fuentes, has highlighted the “solidarity nature” of this exhibition “to obtain the first therapeutic children’s exoskeleton in Andalusia”, for which he showed “proud to be part of a campaign with a motive of loyalty. linked to childhood.”

“The participation of creators from different artistic disciplines is appreciated in an exhibition whose purpose is to have an exoskeleton that will, without a doubt, make a big difference in the lives of its users,” he said. -closed Fuentes before he appealed to citizens to try to improve, even in the slightest, the quality of life of children with neuromuscular disorders


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