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Former Referee Thorsten Kinhöfer Clarifies Controversial Decision in BVB vs Leverkusen Game

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Punishment or not? The former referee clarifies!

Punishment or not? In the top game between BVB and Leverkusen there is a difficult scene in the Dortmund penalty area. Former referee Thorsten Kinhöfer is leaving SPORT1.


i do The main match of the Bundesliga between Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen (1:1) There was a very controversial scene in the 30th minute.

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BVB captain Emre Can hit Jeremie Frimpong from behind on the ankle with his open foot when the score was 0-0 on the edge of the penalty area. The winger’s front foot was on the line of the penalty area, while the heel was just outside.

The big question was: punishment or not? After an investigation by the VAR, the referee Daniel Siebert’s decision was: No penalty.

While the people of Leverkusen protested, they also evaluated DAZN-Expert Sami Khedira the situation is completely different.

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Kinhöfer contradicts Khedira’s theory of punishment

“First of all, it’s a punishment. Because it hits him at the back of the ankle. Then it’s a red card. It’s not malicious, but it hits him with an open foot above the ankle,” said the national player at half-time, indicating that the action took place on the line.

SPIRITUAL1 asked former referee Thorsten Kinhöfer.

“If the heel was out, the contact or the cheater was out,” explained the former referee. “Similar to handball: If the hand is out and the elbow a -inside, the ball goes to the hand – no penalty – if it hits the elbow – penalty.”

Thorsten Kinhöfer would whistle in the Bundesliga

Thorsten Kinhöfer would whistle in the Bundesliga

So Kinhöfer proved that the referees around Daniel Siebert were right, at least in terms of the missed penalty.

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The main referee of the game said it himself afterwards DAZN to the scene. “In the end, I lost a fake. I didn’t have the awareness in the game. My eyes followed Grimaldo because I thought he was the one who got the pass. “We didn’t give up this kick that happened,” explained Siebert.

Siebert takes place after the penalty

He was unable to understand Khedira’s statements: “Of course it was checked by the VAR. That’s why I’m a little surprised about Sami Khedira. Because it was actually shown on the scoreboard: a foul, yes, but out – so it’s not relevant to VAR. “

Frimpong had his foot on the line, Siebert continued: “But the contact that caused him to fall is on the Achilles tendon and, according to the VAR images, outside of it. We have no evidence that this communication took place on the line either.”

The view on the monitor was shown to BVB coach Edin Terzic in an interview after the match. “It looks like a fake. “I can’t tell now if it was in or out,” he said. “It’s a clear communication. We were lucky in that situation. I’ve often complained that we didn’t get a penalty, so I’ll admit it was lucky for us when he was in.”

Nevertheless, Leverkusen avoided their first defeat of the season with a last-minute goal, In the end, both teams tied 1-1.

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