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Arstarulsmirus Reveals Relationship with Maira and Views on Marriage

He reveals that he has been in a relationship with Maira for several years,

Maira also has a special role in the creative process, as she is the first one who has the opportunity to hear the latest Arstarulsmirus performance.

The presenters asked whether the union of several years with his girlfriend Maira could last until the wedding, to which he replied: “I doubt it. I come from an environment where I have not seen successful unions, that marriage would really work. And as a result of this experience, I understand that it is not the right option.”

He says that he doesn’t even have to look far – the experience of his parents and other family members is enough for him.

Arstarulsmirus says that the only positive experience is from the father’s side, the great-grandfather lived in marriage with his wife until the end of his life, but the next generations could not realize this positive experience for various reasons.

When asked if he has a chance to break this cycle, the artist answers: “It is not my task.”

It is known that Arstarulsmirus’ friend Maira Dzene is a psychotherapist. She has a daughter.

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