‘Dancing Stars only in autumn’

Postponed. ÖSTERREICH readers already knew it, now ORF boss Alexander Wrabetz at Claudia Stöckl confirmed in breakfast the shift of the 13th season of Dancing Stars to me: “We are currently preparing to continue the season that has started in autumn,” he says . Until then, he expects the situation to normalize. TV beauty Silvia Schneider, Dragqueen Tamara Mascara, ESC star Cesár Sampson, ex-ski racer Michaela Kirchgasser and the rest of the candidates use the time to practice at home.

anniversary. Wrabetz was just celebrating his 60th birthday in isolation: “Only my daughter was there in ‘real life’ – she put a cake with 60 lit candles in front of me, rang the bell and then stood at the end of the aisle – that was a lot touching. “

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