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Arrested in Berlin: police arrest serial rapist (30)! | Regional

Berlin – For weeks the police had been looking for the rapist from Kleinmachnow (Brandenburg). Now he has been caught! On Tuesday evening there was an arrest in Berlin-Wannsee, shortly before the state border with Potsdam. The Berlin public prosecutor confirmed in the evening: It is the serial rapist you are looking for!

A corresponding message on Twitter said: “After another rape in the Potsdam area, police officers were able to arrest a 30-year-old man this evening, who, according to current knowledge, is the sought-after serial offender.” A press release was announced for Wednesday.

police officers were able to arrest a 30-year-old man this evening, who, according to current knowledge, is the serial killer he is looking for. PM will follow tomorrow. https://t.co/4cPOqP7v5e

– GenStA Berlin (@GStABerlin) July 14, 2020

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A police spokesman had previously confirmed the operation on request from BILD. He also stated that there were measures regarding a wanted person in connection with a Tuesday act. Accordingly, the detainee was said to have tried to assault a woman in the evening.

► And: A high-ranking investigator told BILD on Tuesday evening: “There is some evidence that the detainee is the rapist”. The detainee is now being transferred to Berlin. The man is said to be a 30-year-old who has also been linked to other acts in recent weeks.

According to BILD information, a local resident asked an official after the arrest what had happened. Thereupon he is said to have told the resident: “We have just arrested a rapist”.

So the arrest went

A police helicopter is said to have circled the area from 1 p.m. Around 7 p.m., a local resident is said to have seen a man run into a property entrance.

A little later a police officer came to whom he had shown the direction in which the stranger had disappeared. Local residents are said to have told the police that the man looks exactly like the man in the phantom picture.

A large police force was on site

The suspect is said to have been arrested there on the property. On the back, the property borders on the railway site (S 7, route between the Wannsee and Griebnitzsee train stations). The escape route through the railway line may have been cut off, the property a dead end.

The detainee would have worn black sweatpants and a white T-shirt. More and more officials then arrived, a total of around 50. At least seven eight radio vehicles were on site. A police officer may have been injured in the arrest.

The case

A 30-year-old who has raped several women and has been raped by the police as a serial rapist has been traveling around Berlin and Brandenburg since around mid-June.

► The man who is said to have had a jogger (27) in Kleinmachnow for three hours was identified until Monday. However, it still said: “You know who it is, but not yet where the person is”. According to BILD information, it is a 30-year-old with Serbian citizenship.

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The man is said to have raped and attempted rape in Berlin-Grunewald, Bernau and Kleinmachnow. The alleged perpetrator is said to have struck between June 12 and 30.

The police released recordings of the suspect last Wednesday. Since then, 300 reports (as of Monday) have been received by the police.

Rapist attacked a jogger in Wald near Potsdam on Tuesday morning

On Tuesday evening it was also announced that there had been another rape in the morning – this time in a forest near Potsdam.

Teaser picture

Police officers deployed to Potsdam on Tuesday

► According to initial findings, the woman, a Potsdam woman, was previously jogging on a forest path between Babelsberg and Dreilinden when the perpetrator approached her there and asked for directions. Shortly afterwards, the perpetrator is said to have overpowered and raped her.

After that, a passerby’s wife had noticed. She was obviously in shock and claimed to have been raped. She later came to a hospital.

The perpetrators escaped by bike

The police arriving a few minutes after the initial report was then able to find a man on a bicycle near the scene of the crime, to whom the description of the offender fit very precisely – as the police said on Tuesday evening.

When he saw the police officers, he fled from them into the forest, leaving his bike behind. The police continued to pursue the suspect and urged him to stop.

Here, a colleague shot several warning shots in the air. The suspect, however, continued to flee. No one was injured by the shots.

► The offender was described as follows: black full beard, black short hair, black sweatpants, T-shirt, white cap, blue bike, spoke English.

A police helicopter, a drone as well as several police tracking dogs and police horses from the federal police were used to search for possible escape routes. The search continued until evening – then there was an arrest!

On Tuesday evening the Berlin public prosecutor’s office followed – with reference to the crime in Potsdam.

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