Arrest warrant for Mos Khlong Khwang, the gunman who attacked a friend’s house The victim’s mother had only one child, the doctor told her to calm down.

Arrest warrant for Mos Khlong Khwang, the gunman who attacked a friend’s house believe in their homes The victim’s mother had only one child, the doctor told her to calm down.

from the case of a quarrel among teenagers Firearms were used to shoot down opponents. damage to property Until one person was injured, the incident occurred at a house. of Petchthaweesuk Village, Petchkasem Road, Soi 106, Nong Khang Phlu Subdistrict, Nong Khaem District, on the evening of August 11 Investigating that the shooter was Mr. Meen Parasingh or “Mos Klong Kwang”, 25 years old. Lt. Gen. Samran Nuanma, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police, ordered the chase to be expedited.

Later, at a house in Petchthaweesuk Village Nong Khang Phlu Sub-District, Nong Khaem District, Bangkok Miss Wanwisa Klinchampa or Gus, 30, the owner of the house at the scene of the accident, revealed that she and the perpetrator were friends, eating and traveling together. Previously, there was an argument over a dog bite and not paying for treatment. The slate was caused by a post condemning the story of sharing. Therefore, a challenge was made to come and challenge Mr. Thanapon Anusornchaicharoen or Book, 28, who was injured. having problems with ex-girlfriends which is a new fan of the troublemaker who came to clear the problem The perpetrator told him not to call the police. because his side had already said that he had no guns I thought we’d come to discuss the problem together. When the perpetrator arrived, he left because he heard the sound of a car. but have not yet discussed and resolved the problem The perpetrators then drew their guns and fired at them. Previously known to the perpetrators for about 3 years and did not have this habit. still respects himself as a brother No matter how many times we fight, we can adjust our understanding. On the day of the incident, he dared to walk out to clear it, confirming that it did not conflict with business interests. As for the police, they already know the details of the perpetrators. still don’t know where I want the police to track him down quickly. Now he’s paranoid and afraid that there will be more trouble.

while Miss Thitirat Anusorn Chaicharoen, 56, the mother of the injured, revealed that she had an only child, selling second-hand cars. I didn’t think they would do this. I don’t know what’s the problem. Because of personal problems, the children never told them. In the morning, I still talk to my children. also asked about the discomfort I came to hear the news because my friend called to say that the child was in the hospital. So asked what happened. When I arrived at the hospital, my child’s condition was not good. After the surgery, the doctor told me to calm down. because of broken skull There are shrapnel fragments embedded in the brain’s core. It must be observed for 5 days to have a response first. If he survived, it might not be the same, it might be a sleeping prince. or muscle weakness He was able to accept no matter what condition the child came back in, but during the two days he came, the doctor would call to inform him of the documents to prepare the clothes he liked. By October 8, the child would be 28 years old. be responsible Why don’t you have a good talk? I want the police to help bring the criminals out and take responsibility.

Pol Maj Gen Pong-anan Klaiklueng, commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Air Force 9, said that after the incident, Pol Col Tharathorn Wasnajrat, Deputy Inspector General (Investigation) at Nong Khang Phlu Police Station, was ordered to The owner of the case rushed to interrogate witnesses at the scene and collect evidence. Until able to obtain approval for a warrant at Taling Chan Criminal Court No. Jor. 368/2565 dated August 12, 2022 to track down and arrest Mr. Meen Parasingh or “Moss Klong Kwang”, 25, the perpetrator of the aforementioned charges. Attempted murder, unauthorized possession of firearms and ammunition, carrying firearms in towns, villages or public roads without permission, shooting in public without reasonable cause.” cause According to the CCTV footage, another person is in the process of confirming the person’s identity. and will follow up and arrest them for further prosecution

News reports said that for Mr. Meen, this suspect In addition to the behavior of carrying a firearm with you all the time. is also a very partisan person The investigators believe that Now has escaped from the area to live with some close friends. because there are clues that on the night of the incident After the subject splashed a bullet into the house of the parties Still dare to challenge the parties by calling back to follow up on the action. While the people in the house were testifying fearlessly against the law. while Mr. Meen used the phone to call back to know that being with a large group of friends There was a constant roaring, scolding and challenging people in the house.

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