Bride overcoming cancer, abnormal symptoms after wedding? “There are still two years left until a full recovery is made.”

‘Five! The wedding scene of the fifth main couple of ‘My Wedding’ will be revealed.

SBS ‘Oh! In ‘My Wedding’, following last week, the 5th main couple’s dream-like wedding is drawn.

Bride Jang Ji-rim and groom Hwang Do-yeon, who had to omit all wedding events such as gift exchange, thanksgiving to both parents, and congratulatory songs due to delay in the makeup shop at the time of the first wedding, hold an outdoor wedding in a hanok with the help of kaebokdan.

For the bride and groom who have already had a messy wedding experience, meticulously checking the rehearsal of sesame seeds, while Yoo Byung-jae hires a musical actor to sing a congratulatory song for a couple who are musical lovers, and Jung Young-joo & Jung Da-hee appear to impress. to be.

In addition to the congratulatory song, the bride and groom are expected to enjoy a wedding event that they could not be due to at the time of their first wedding, and it is expected that a special ‘wedding man’ event for the two people will also be released.

In addition, while a video letter was prepared for the bride, Ji-rim Jang, who was diagnosed with stage 4 intrahepatic biliary cancer in 2019, attention is focused on what kind of video would have made the bride cry.

In particular, unexpected situations occur on this day’s broadcast. After the happy wedding, the bride Ji-rim Jang visits the hospital saying that something is wrong with her body, raising questions about what happened to the couple Ji-rim Jang and Do-yeon Hwang.

Meanwhile, ‘Oh! ‘My Wedding’ is a wedding variety program in which stars become wedding planners and present one-of-a-kind weddings to couples who have given up on their wedding for various reasons. It is broadcast every Sunday at 11:10 pm on SBS.

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