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Arrest of Russian Citizen Shamil Amirov, Head of Criminal Organization ‘Thief in Law’ in Istanbul

The Turkish security forces have arrested in Istanbul the Russian citizen Shamil Amirov, who is wanted by Interpol with a blue bulletin as the head of the criminal organization “Thief in Law”.

This was announced by the Turkish Minister of Internal Affairs, Ali Yerlikaya, on his profile on the X social network.

The Russian boss was arrested in a police operation under the code name Cage-15. He has been hiding for some time in a private villa in Saryer near the Bosphorus, adds BTA.

“We will continue tirelessly and with even greater efforts our fight against international and national centers of organized crime and drug traffickers. We will capture and bring to justice all those involved in criminal activities,” the Turkish interior minister said.

What is a “Thief in Law”?

“Thief in law” is a Soviet phenomenon that appeared in the 1930s. These are people who do not accept Soviet power and are engaged in criminal cases. “Thief” (thief) is not a profession, but a title behind which stands “theft law”. You cannot get married, have address registration, work, property, no contact with the state and most importantly – unworthy actions according to their moral code: not to betray others, to return debts, not to communicate with sports teams and so called

The “title” “thief in law” gave them the right to act as arbiters in the criminal world.

The “classic” type disappeared already at the beginning of the 60s, when the death penalty was introduced for participation in gangs, and currently a “thief in law” is simply the head of a criminal group. With the exception of a few traditions: the ceremony of “crowning” (assignment of this title) and the bandit treasury, which is kept by the “thief”, have been preserved.

These days, the status can also be bought, say insiders. The price is different for everyone. Whoever is not worthy of the title “thief” will not buy it for a million ($15,830). “If they urgently need money, they can crown someone who doesn’t deserve it for a million. In five minutes they will dethrone him for the slightest carelessness, but they will keep the money for themselves,” says Prime Crime.

The money from the general treasury is used to bribe prison guards and superiors.

In 2015, Prime Crime estimated that there were 485 “thieves in law” worldwide. Of them, only a quarter were behind bars at that time.

“These days, criminals are spreading their influence far beyond the borders of the USSR. This is a whole corporation,” believes Prime Crime. In Russia, they have representatives in every city and even in the villages. “Today they control huge cash flows, enterprises, entire industries. They buy the court, the prosecutor’s office, the investigation,” commented an insider.

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