Arkansas First US State To Ban Treatments For Transgender Youth | Abroad

Arkansas is the first state in the United States to ban hormone treatments or puberty inhibitors for underage transgender residents. Arkansas’s governor had recently vetoed the bill, but a majority of the state’s parliament decided to reject it.

Governor Asa Hutchinson had turned against the law, which, in his opinion, prescribes too much interference by the authorities. A Republican parliament majority in the predominantly conservative state then voted in favor of the controversial proposal.

Civil rights movement ACLU denounces the move and speaks of a discriminatory crusade against transgender persons under the age of 18. Arkansas elected representatives ignored massive opposition to the bill, a spokesman said. The ACLU has indicated that it will challenge the law.

At least 16 other states are considering similar legislation. Several states, including Pennsylvania, are also drafting bills that restrict the rights of transgender athletes in both high schools and universities.

Arkansas recently passed proposals that opponents say would limit the rights of transgender residents of the state.

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