Aragon will distribute 99,198 doses of vaccines against covid-19 this week

Aragon will distribute this week a total of 99,198 doses of vaccines against covid-19: 69,528 from Pfizer, 8,070 from Moderna, 18,000 from Astrazeneca and 3,600 from Janssen.

Of the total number of vaccines, 70,344 are intended for second doses, 28,602 for first doses of the age groups active in vaccination at this time, and the rest, for high-risk patients (84) and residences (168).

By health sectors, Alcañiz will receive 5,330 doses; Barbastro, 8,998; the Calatayud sector will receive 3,190; 7,306 that of Huesca; 6,090 that of Teruel and the three sectors of Zaragoza will receive 65,224 doses. At 061, 3,060 doses will be allocated, according to the Government of Aragon in a statement.

What’s more is scheduled to arrive this week 85,410 doses of Pfizer, 8,600 of Moderna and 14,300 of Astrazeneca, for a total of 108,310 doses.

In Aragon, vaccination is available for all those born before December 31, 1981, and workers from essential groups and the horticultural and meat sectors, as well as new incorporations in the groups of residents of centers for the elderly, social health workers, large dependents and their caregivers.

So far 1,095,750 vaccines have been given in the Community and there are already 403,287 people with the complete immunization schedule.



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