Aquaculture, Home | Discovered disease – has introduced a protection zone for three municipalities

On Monday 2 May, infectious salmon anemia (ISA) was detected in fish at the Hønsvikgulen locality in Heim. Lerøy Midt AS and Aquagen AS run brood fish production of salmon on the site.

As a result, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has on 18 May established a restriction zone for ISA in Heim, Tingvoll and Aure municipalities. The monitoring zone includes five sites.

Infectious salmon anemia (ISA) is a serious and contagious viral disease of salmon. The disease is not dangerous to humans.

The protection zone is maintained until the fish from the facilities in the protection zone have been slaughtered, facilities and equipment have been cleaned and disinfected and the zone has been set aside for at least three months, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority writes on their websites.

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